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Well Water Testing

Whether you are currently using a well right now or will be in the future maintaining the cleanliness of it is very important. Bacteria, human/animal wastes and other contaminants can infiltrate your water making it unsafe to drink and use. Well water should be treated annually for nitrates, nitrites and bacteria.

Problems With Your Well Water:

Scale Build Up:

This occurs when water is traveling and accumulates minerals, such as calcium and magnesium that can create rock-like scale build-up.

Smelly Odors & Taste:

If the water has a "rotten egg smell" this could be due to naturally occurring sulfides or sulfates in the water from dissolved minerals, gas or oil deposits.

Cloudy, Hazy Water:

There could be too much sediment in the water. This can result from iron or manganese minerals that have dissolved into the water.

Contaminants in Water:

The range of contaminants can be from human and animal waste to mineral deposits and hard water scale build up.

Fix Problems with Well Water including Cloudy Water and Buildup Atlantic Water Solutions

Test Well Water for Cleanliness and Safety Alfred, Maine

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Well Water Testing

Why should you test your well water?

Safe, clean water is very important for drinking, cooking, bathing and cleaning. Municipal water systems test their water regularly to ensure it’s safe, but it’s up to private well owners to test their water annually. It’s an easy way to care for the health of yourself and loves ones.

What tests should I have done?

Two of the most important tests well owners should have are for coliform bacteria and nitrate. Coliform bacteria are microorganisms found in feces, fractured rock outcroppings, sinkholes, etc. . . Wells can also be contaminated by insects nesting under well caps, one of the reasons why at Atlantic Water Solutions, LLC we encourage upgrading to a varmint proof well cap. Nitrate testing is important if there are infants, or pregnant women drinking the water. Nitrate can cause “blue baby syndrome” in infants, birth defects and miscarriages. Nitrate enters the water from varying sources such as fertilizers to decaying plant matter. Soil types, ledge structure and direction of aquifer flow influence whether nitrate enters the well.

What should you do if a problem is present?

If testing results in a failed bacteria test, the well should be properly chlorinated, and retested. If your water still contains coliform, or nitrate is present, we can help you determine proper filtration to correct the problem.

All new wells are chlorinated by Atlantic Water Solutions, LLC to kill any bacteria present. In all cases, the chlorine solution should be run through the plumbing system, if installed, and left to act for 18 to 24 hours. The system should then be flushed to waste but not into the leach field.

When should you test your well water?

Ideally every year you should test for coliform bacteria. Make testing part of a yearly routine, then you are less apt to overlook taking the test. We can take the test for you, and email you the results if that is more convenient for you. It is important to test yearly because even if bacteria is absent one year that does not mean your water won’t have contamination problems in the future. For any water quality questions contact Atlantic Water Solutions, LLC.

Who does the actual testing of the water?

For the last 13 years we have used Nelson Analytical Laboratory a state certified water testing lab. They are located in Kennebunk Maine. 

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